Hi, I am Victoria

I am excited you are considering GlamourRose Photography! I am Victoria, the one behind the camera. My biggest passion is capturing the stories behind a picture and life moving moments that you can look back on for a lifetime. My love for pictures started with disposable camera. After I found my love for taking pictures, I found my love for scrapbooking and there I found my love for professional photography. My joy comes from a client who sees their pictures and cannot stop looking at them. I love capturing those "in between" moments when you least expect them. I look forward to working with you!

Why the name Glamour Rose?

My grandmother was a big part of why I am the person I am today. My parents gave me the middle name Rose, in her honor. She taught me to look at life in a positive light and to always do my best. She often described things as "glamourous". So in honor of her beautiful legacy, as well as my namesake, I combined the two to make "GlamourRose".

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“"My experience was awesome! You can tell the passion Victoria has when she takes pictures."”